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Marshall Associates, Inc.

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eCommerce Platform Expertise

  • Amazon

eCommerce Services

  • 1P to 3P migration
  • Account Management
  • Advertising Optimization
  • Amazon DSP
  • Content Optimization
  • Compliance
  • International Expansion
  • Off Amazon PPC / SEM


  • North America

About Marshall Associates, Inc.

Marshall combines 45 years of retail expertise with our proprietary digital tools and your company's capabilities to create a unique winning solution. Marshall has a proven track record building hundreds of brands and maximizing companies' sales. We leverage our knowledge, relationships and the trust we've built with our customers and clients to dynamically plan and build comprehensive strategies and solutions to address market needs.


Marshall's proven roadmap ensures you will achieve your goals and objectives.


We have hired the right people that have the expertise to help drive your team to a winning growth strategy. Our team consists of ex-Amazon employees, supply chain experts, SEO certified copywriters and PPC advertising experts. We understand the importance of monitoring and measuring results on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Our eCommerce team is dedicated to driving sales and providing actionable recommendations based on real-time analyses through our in-house propriety software tools.


We formulated a holistic approach to develop and execute an effective and proven eCommerce strategy for our brand partners. Accelerating sales, building brands, increasing profitability and driving conversion is the primary focus at Marshall. We implement a 4-tiered approach to help you succeed which includes a tailored approach on the following:

1. Catalog and Detail Pages

-Content Copywriting

-Variation, Merge and New Item Set Up

-Maximum Image and Video Exposure

2. Inventory and Operations

-Vendor Lead Time (VLT)

-Forecasting and Managing Supply Chain

-Daily Monitoring of Lost Buy Box and In-Stock Availability

3. Enhanced Branding

-Enhanced Content

-Vine and Syndicated Reviews

-Brand Store

4. Traffic Drivers

-Search Campaigns

-External Search

-Deals and Promotions


Our proprietary software provides real-time data and actionable recommendations on how to improve products and drive sales. A unique solution that combines and easy-to-digest platform with a team of online experts dedicated to maximizing business opportunities.

Be alerted of what you need to know, when you need to know it.

-Price Monitoring

-Catalog Optimization

-Review Management

-Lost Buy Box

-Content Scorecard

-Out-of-Stock Tracking

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