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Blue Moon Digital, Inc.

Denver, CO

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North America

Ecommerce platform expertise, Walmart, Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce


Account Management, Advertising Optimization, Amazon DSP, Content Optimization, Compliance, Off Amazon PPC / SEM, Paid Social Marketing, Product Sourcing

About Blue Moon Digital, Inc.

Blue Moon Digital, Inc is a Digital Consultancy founded and headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Our mission is to lead our clients through their digital transformation journey involving their customer interactions. Our experience stems from over 16 years, focused on the constant mission of bringing to life a simple marketing concept: Data Drives Success. That vision is woven into everything we do, and data continues to be the driving force behind all our strategies. To keep pace in this ever-changing digital landscape, we leverage data in real-time to gain insights, see patterns of what’s working and what’s not working, and recommend actions to optimize clients’ marketing programs and enhance business performance. Our capabilities are comprehensive, spanning three core competencies that enable end-to-end transformation: • Digital Agency Services – To Promote & Engage • Data Science & Analytics – To Measure, Optimize, & Predict • Technology Solutions – To Visualize & Automate Amazon Services for Marketplace Advertising Management, Listings Optimization & Management, and Marketplace Strategy are available for domestic and global markets through our Digital Agency Services. Furthermore, we’ve deepened our Agency Services by creating our own propriety data solutions including real-time client benchmarking, data visualizations, automation of repetitive functions, and our exclusive predictive revenue algorithm optimized by our data scientists and powered by Technology Solutions like our unique marketing apps, reporting dashboards, and industry-leading licensed tools.

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